Meet The Team: Michaela

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Michaela Headshot


Learn More About Michaela:

Hometown: Litchfield, Connecticut

Years on Team: Second

Occupation: Government Contractor

College/Major: St. John‘s University/Communications

Favorite Dance Style: Acrobatics

Favorite TV Show: The Bachelor

Favorite thing about DC: Boating on the waterfront

Something people don’t know about me is: I’ve been in a horror film

Celebrity Crush: Ryan Gosling

Celebrity I’d switch places with: Alessandra Ambrosia

Movie character that best describes my life: Andy Sachs from Devil Wears Prada

If I could pick one person to have dinner with it’d be: Barbara Walters

Most played song on my iPod: Jay-Z’s “On to the next one”

Besides dancing, I’m a very talented: Parallel parker

Favorite store to shop: TJ Maxx

If I wasn’t a Wizard Girl, I’d like to be: touring as a back-up dancer

If I were a WWE Superstar, the team mate who’d be my tag team partner would be: Michelle L; she’s little but she packs a big punch.

Favorite Wizards Player: Emeka Okafor because he played for Connecticut

Favorite part of the game: Performing on the court for all the Wizards fans!

Favorite DC Date Spot: Filomena’s Restaurant