Meet The Team: Jonique

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Jonique Headshot


Learn More About Jonique:

Hometown: Columbia, MD

Years on Team: Rookie!

Occupation: Office Manager/Freelance Choreographer & Music Editor

College/Major: UMBC-Dance/Media and Communication Studies

Favorite Dance Style: Improvised/social movement- everyone needs to let loose sometimes without being limited by a specific dance technique.

Favorite TV Show: Degrassi. I’ve been watching it since 2003, AKA, my VERY awkward middle school phase.

Favorite thing about DC: You can probably meet someone from every state, every country, within one block and within five minutes. Cool! 

Something people don’t know about me is: I’ve known all of the words to the movie, “Coming to America”, since I was about 3 years old, even the background noises and sound effects!

Celebrity Crush: Tupac Shakur-eye, ear, and brain candy. What’s not to crush about?

Celebrity I’d switch places with: Whoopi Goldberg. She’s a very cultured and talented actress, always comfortably dressed and unfazed by her critics.

Movie character that best describes my life: Forrest Gump. Successful opportunities always come my way, I’m a loyal friend, I have random hobbies, I’m offbeat, and I don’t discriminate.

If I could pick one person to have dinner with: Jean-Michel Basquiat- It would include Chinese carryout on a park bench, very little talking and plenty of graffiti on a Saturday afternoon in Queens, NY.

Most played song on my iPod: Original Don by Major Lazer.

Besides dancing, I’m a very talented: Short-Story Filmmaker/Writer

Favorite store to shop: Thrift Store- It caters to every spontaneous fashion or arts/craft decision that pops into my head and I never feel ripped off afterwards.

If I wasn’t a Wizard Girl, I’d like to learn how to DJ, experience living overseas and write for sketch comedy shows.

If I were a WWE Superstar, the teammate who’d be my tag team partner would be Amber! She’s tall and flexible, I’m short and fast. We both have tricks up our sleeves. We’d run that ring and do serious damage!

Favorite Wizards Player:  Otto Porter, Jr- The Verizon Center was his home before draft day, so, I anticipate a smooth rookie season.  

Favorite part of the game: Performing on the court. I live for that moment!

Favorite DC Date Spot: Dupont Circle with live music, ice cream, sunshine and a nice breeze.