Meet The Team: Joanna

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Joanna Headshot


Learn More About Joanna:

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Years on Team: 3

Occupation: Project Manager

College/Major: Harvard College/Social Anthropology with a Secondary Concentration in Economics

Favorite Dance Style: Contemporary

Favorite TV Show: Dance Moms

Favorite thing about DC: Rooftop Pools and Museums

Something people don’t know about me is: I have a healthy dislike for air conditioning.

Celebrity Crush: Ryan Gosling

Celebrity I’d switch places with: Jennifer Lopez

Movie character that best describes my life:  ??

If I could pick one person to have dinner with: Rihanna

Most played song on my iPod: Calvin Harris, “Feel So Close”

Besides dancing, I’m a very talented: Shopper

Favorite store to shop: I love browsing online boutiques for unique finds!  

If I wasn’t a Wizard Girl, I’d like to be Rihanna’s backup dancer

If I were a WWE Superstar, the team mate who’d be my tag team partner would be Julia…maybe her fiery red hair would distract the opponent?

Favorite Wizards Player: I’m excited to see how Bradley Beal develops this season.

Favorite part of the game: Whenever the Wizard Girls take the court!

Favorite DC Date Spot: Who has time for dating?