Meet The Team: Amber

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Amber Headshot


Learn More About Amber:

Hometown: Brownsville, Texas

Years on Team: 2

Occupation: Student and Mystics Mayhem/Wiz Kids Coach

College/Major: University of Phoenix, Business Management

Favorite Dance Style: Hip Hop

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead, Dexter, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, Always Sunny in Philadelphia

Favorite thing about DC: I love that there is always so much to do in DC. Malls, restaurants, and museums you name it! DC has it all.

Something people don’t know about me is: English was my second language; I grew up speaking Spanish first. I also hold a first degree black belt in tae kwon do.

Celebrity Crush: Adam Levine

Celebrity I’d switch places with: Shakira

Movie character that best describes my life:

If I could pick one person to have dinner with: It would be Selena Quintanilla-Perez, she was my childhood role model.

Most played song on my iPod: Bidi Bidi Bom Bom by Selena

Besides dancing, I’m a very talented: Chef, I cook the best authentic Mexican food in town ;) (at least that’s what my friends and family tell me.. lol)

Favorite store to shop: Victoria’s Secret

If I wasn’t a Wizard Girl, I’d like to be Shakira’s backup dancer

If I were a WWE Superstar, the teammate who’d be my tag team partner would be our coach Derric

Favorite Wizards Player: Bradley Beal because we both became rookies with the Wizards franchise the same year!

Favorite part of the game: My favorite part of the game is when we first step foot on the court, there is no greater adrenaline rush than that.

Favorite DC Date Spot: Baseball Game at Nats Park